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Ruth 1-4 or this overview for kids:

Naomi lived in Bethlehem with her husband Elimelech and their 2 sons. But there was no food in Bethlehem, so they traveled to Moab to find some. While they were there, Elimelech died. Naomi’s sons got married. Their wives names were Orpah and Ruth. But then, Naomi’s sons died too! Naomi decided she would go back to Bethlehem, but told Orpah and Ruth to go home to their own families. Orpah went home, but Ruth stayed with Naomi. Ruth said “Where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people will be my people, and your God my God.” So, Naomi and Ruth traveled to Bethlehem and began working in a field to gather grain. This would be their food. They were harvesting in a field that belonged to a man named Boaz. Boaz was a very good man, and he was part of Elimelech’s family. Boaz made sure that Naomi and Ruth were taken care of and had enough food. Boaz was a family redeemer (a relative who helped take care of someone in their family in times of trouble). Ruth hoped that Boaz would marry her, and he promised to! Boaz bought back the land that belonged to Naomi’s husband, and then he married Ruth.

Remember This

Jesus is our Redeemer

Boaz was a family redeemer. That means he helped his family when they were in trouble. Boaz cared for Ruth and Naomi because their husbands had died. In a similar way, Jesus is our Redeemer. We need help because of sin. Jesus took care of us by taking the punishment for our sin when He died on the cross. Jesus is our redeemer because he saves us from our sins.

Talk About This:

What is a redeemer?
Why did Boaz take care of Naomi and Ruth?
How is Jesus our Redeemer?

Do This:

Play a game of “hot potato” with a ball. Each time the ball is passed, say a single word of the memory verse, passing until it is complete. Continue until you can say the full verse together by memory, passing the ball without stopping. Talk to your kids about a specific time God helped you in a time of trouble.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

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