Learn about David’s Men at Biltmore Church. It is a discipleship experience designed to deepen men’s walk with Jesus Christ. David’s men’s vision is to impact families and communities around the Asheville area for God’s glory.



David’s Men is a discipleship experience designed to deepen our walk with Jesus Christ and strengthen our relationships with other Christian men.

David's Men is not a Bible study or fellowship group. It is a process – a process that challenges and stretches each man in the areas of prayer, worship, praise, leadership, communication, family and intimacy with God.

David's Men Vision: Impact men to impact families to impact churches to impact communities to impact the world for God's glory. 
David's Men Mission: Challenging men to seek God's heart through spiritual disciplines in authentic community and connection to the local church.

David's men 2020-2021

DM is a significant commitment that should not be made lightly. Your DM experience (and that of other men in your group) will depend greatly on what you put into it. It is not easy…but it is rewarding. It will impact your life, your marriage, and your family…because it will impact your relationship with God.

 David's Men 2020-2021 Overview

David's Men Core Values: 
  • The Vault (authenticity and confidentiality) 
  • Spur one another on (challenge each other; no isolation!) 
  • Emphasize spiritual disciplines (scripture memorization, prayer, fasting, evangelism, and others) 
  • Read spiritual books 
  • One 3-hr. meeting/month (vs. more frequent, shorter meetings)