DAY 17

You Are Sent

As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. John 17:18

Each week, we end our church services with the phrase, “You are sent.” Our God is a sending God! In John’s gospel alone, Jesus was described as “sent” more than forty-four times. You are “sent” is God’s one-sentence commission for those who follow Him. Jesus’ birth on the first Christmas demonstrates God’s desire to go after us so that we can be sent out to others.

Here are two questions to reflect on and discuss as a family or on your own:

  1. What does Jesus send us into the world to do, and why?

  2. Since Jesus was sent to reach out to us, how could you be sent to reach out to others? What habits could you begin forming that would help you live sent at your job, school, neighborhood? (Examples: offer to pray for your server at your next meal out (tip well!), open up your home to neighbors, give of your time & possessions)

Pray: “Heavenly Father, one of Your greatest passions is to send me to others as Jesus was first sent after me. Please give me eyes to see and boldness to share with those who need to hear about You this Christmas season.”

As a Family: Put together some treat bags with cookies or candy. Be sure to include an invite to one of our Christmas Eve services and then personally deliver to some neighbors who live near you. Most will appreciate the fact that you cared enough to walk across the street!