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    Sharing Your Faith at Work

    11.15.17 | Discipleship | by Logan Hammond

    A disciple of Jesus is not someone who merely shows up to church on Sunday, as if they are a part-time employee punching a clock. A disciple is a follower who thirsts for constant communion with the Father and is employed full-time to carry their...

      How to Combat Insecurity in Your Teenage Daughter This Summer


      Summer has the potential to increase the amount of insecurity in teenage girls. Let’s face it: they have more people to compare themselves to and more time to think about it. From the way they spend their time to who they spend it with, all...

        Marriage and Parenting

        11.15.17 | Marriage

        I’ve said this before and I say it often, being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life. But being a parent can also be tough. In fact, it can be an all-consuming occupation. Unfortunately, in these necessary moments of all-consuming...

          The Sabbath and Your Family

          11.15.17 | by Tyler Frank

          With busy schedules, vacations, and overall familial responsibilities, it’s easy for your weekly routine to go awry. As you know, families thrive on expectations and routines. Throw in a couple of visits to your in-laws or a trip to the...