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    Teaching Your Kids About Fear

    09.28.17 | Family | by Matt Kendrick

    When I was growing up, there was a clothing brand that was popular for about 19 minutes called “No Fear.” Do you remember that brand? I’ll never admit to owning a shirt that read, “No Fear: second place is the first-place...

      Dealing with Grief

      09.13.17 | by Kelvin Moesley

      Just a few months ago, my wife and I received the heart-breaking news that our 46-year-old daughter had died as a victim of a murder-suicide incident. Shock, disbelief, tears, intense pain and sorrow swept over us like waves in the ocean. Our...

        Self-Control... Do Kids Even Have It?

        04.26.17 | Family | by Gini Taylor

        No matter what stage of life you are in, self-control can be a struggle. But what about when it comes to kids? Sometimes we wonder if our children have any self-control at all! According to Wholly Kids, children start showing self-control as...