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    The Big Question in Dating

    09.02.16 | Relationships | by Matt Kendrick

    Here’s the reality: you’re not going to find anyone who can complete you. I don’t mean to pour cold water on your burning love, but what you’re looking for a “perfect spouse” to do is something that only God can do for you.

      Divvying Up the Time

      08.31.16 | Women's Ministry | by Victoria Dunkle

      It is time for us to reconcile our heart calendars to the divine default settings that God has given us. Ephesians 1:11-14 shows us that God created us with His perfect plan in mind. He has promised us an inheritance and purchased us to be His...

        Why Should I be Baptized

        08.16.16 | Baptism | by Christian Cooper

        Every year, our church has a massive celebration, where we see hundreds of men, women, and children go public with their faith by participating in believer’s baptism.  It is always an amazing day for our church, as we get to see how...

          Social Media Distraction

          07.26.16 | Life Application | by Phillip Scarnecchia

          When we talk about discipleship we are talking about real-life relationships with communication and vulnerability. That statement probably could have gone unstated, but the reality is many Christians seem indifferent or uncommitted to...