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    10 Tips for Writing Your Compassion Child

    02.16.17 | Missions | by Christian Cooper

    For many of us, the problem is knowing what to write in our letters. Deciding what to write to our sponsored children is sometimes harder than writing itself, and we aren’t sure if what we are saying is meaningful. This leads to many people to...

      The Secret to Marriage

      11.17.16 | Relationships | by Christian Cooper

      It appears that less and less of my generation is making the decision to get married. In fact, the percentage of American adults (age 20-54) who are married has dropped at least 21.4% since 1970 (1). Also, those who decide to marry are less and...

        Why Should I be Baptized

        08.16.16 | Baptism | by Christian Cooper

        Every year, our church has a massive celebration, where we see hundreds of men, women, and children go public with their faith by participating in believer’s baptism.  It is always an amazing day for our church, as we get to see how...

          Fighting Christian Boredom

          07.10.16 | Christianity | by Christian Cooper

          In just two short years of ministry I have dealt with so many different types of people, specifically Christians. I've met old Christians, young Christians, smart Christians, foolish Christians, crazy Christians, and just plain weird Christians...