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Being a Dad is Tough: Ways to Influence Your Kids Positively

11.15.17 | Family

Being a Dad is Tough: Ways to Influence Your Kids Positively

    One of the greatest moments of my life is when I became a father. I currently have a 6-year-old son and a 2-year-old son. Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment at my house these days. But can we be real honest? Being a dad is tough. I mean, it can be downright hard some days. But even on those difficult days, I’m reminded that my kids are only going to live with me for so long. So, I need to make the most impactful influence I possibly can while they’re with me. So as Father’s Day just passed, here are just a few things to consider about having a positive influence on your kids as a dad.

    • The Day Doesn’t End at 5:00 pm

    After a long day at work, all I really want to do is come home, sit on the sofa, and mindlessly veg out. But I have to remind myself that two little boys have been waiting for hours to be with their dad. I have to remind myself to give as much to my family after 5:00 pm as I have given to my job throughout the day. So, on your commute home, give yourself a pep-talk and gear up for the second-half of your day (Keep in mind, the second half is where the game is won).

    • Be Intentional (Short-term and Long-term)

    It’s been said that vision without a plan is just fantasy. This true for parenting. If we want our kids to grow up, love God, be successful, or anything else, but have no intentional plan to see that happen, then we’re living in a fantasy hoping those things will happen. So be intentional to give your kids your best in the short-term. And be intentional about helping them become the person God intends for them to be in the long-term. Be sure to check out some of the books in the Recommended Reading sections of this site for help with these long-term plans. Another book that has given me some great insight for being intentional as a dad is Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis.

    • Don’t Give Up

    As hard as we try, we’re probably not going to succeed 100% of the time in being intentional and giving our kids our best. In moments of failure we sometimes think, “Well, I blew it. There’s no need to keep trying.” But don’t think that! Even if you stumble along the way, don’t give up! Get back up and start right where you left off.

    Also, giving our kids our best, being intentional, or any other parenting strategy for that matter doesn’t guarantee that our kids won’t rebel. Keep this in mind, God was and is the only perfect father. Even still, his kids rebelled. But God has never given up on His children. And even as imperfect fathers to our kids, we should never give up on them either.

    Happy Father’s Day.