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Dads, Your Daughter Needs You

11.15.17 | Family

Dads, Your Daughter Needs You

    Being a dad is the most joyous task in life, yet it can be difficult to know what your daughter needs. After all, you're not the first man to find it difficult to connect with a female! Your daughter needs you. She needs your love, attention, time, and energy. Here are five specific ways you can connect with and support your daughter:

    1. Gently model unconditional love and grace (Matthew 26:30-32)
    In times of disagreement and rebellion, have an honest conversation about the issue at hand but remember to season your words with mercy and love. While it is your place to rebuke when they're wrong, if you come across as hard and angry to your daughter, she will completely shut down and not learn anything. It is all about your tone and body language. Approach the situation after you have prayed and have had time to think clearly. Understand that what you say to her is sincerely taken so be cautious to how you come across.

    2. Come alongside them in their insecurity and affirm them (Judges 6:11-18)
    Encourage and communicate your faith in your daughter’s ability to become everything she hopes to become. By giving your approval and acceptance of who they are, you are developing their confidence and adequacy. Affirm her in her inner qualities more than her outward beauty. This will help her when she feels less than and unimportant.

    3. Protect them (John 15:12-15)
    Let your daughter know that her honor and dignity are safe with you and that you will defend them at any cost. Tell your daughter that you will do everything you can to provide for her needs. By doing this, you are showing her what her future husband should do.

    4. Listen (James 1:19)
    Be a safe place where your daughter can come when life’s trials hit her. Listen to her with sincerity and instead of automatically trying to offer advice, be compassionate. This could look like hugging her and saying, “I’m sorry, is there anything I can do?” She needs your calmness and steadiness during these times more than ever.

    5. Be Present
    Your presence matters. Make the sacrifice to be at your daughter’s games, dance recitals, concerts, etc. When she sees you in the crowd, she knows she is supported and loved without you even saying anything. Be present in her life by being aware of what makes your daughter come alive. This could be going on a hike or listening to music. Being present can take on many different faces, but at the root of it all, it is support.

    Do not ever think that your role is unimportant. As a dad, you have been given one of the best platforms ever to lead and direct your family in the way of The Lord. By practicing consistency in the above tips, your daughter will see your strivings to love and care for her unconditionally.