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The Chronicles of Average Joe

Meet Joe. He’s pretty average. Joe has a story.  He has issues. He often talks too much. He’s inconsistent. We may think that Joe is different from all of us. But the truth is, we actually have a lot in common with him. And since our stories are so similar to Joe’s, we can all learn from his. Join us online Sundays, at 9:15 AM, 11 AM, and 5 PM.

Christ & Culture

Our culture is rapidly changing like never before. There are many points of contention that fill our headlines, social feeds, and conversations. The church has a history of neglecting or mismanaging cultural issues. We often conform and compromise or withdraw and isolate. But Jesus didn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, nor did he respond in hate. Instead he spoke to the culture with both clarity and compassion... and so should His followers... So how do we do that?

21 Days of Prayer

To some, 21 days can appear like an insignificant amount of time. But 21 days can make a huge difference. 21 days can repair a relationship, heal an addiction, renew your marriage, and restore joy. The reality is 21 days can change everything. 


The book of Colossians is a letter that Paul wrote from prison to the church of Colossae. God uses Paul to help the church make important course corrections. He illustrates that we are a new creation because of Christ’s death in our place... and since we are made new, we have the ability to live differently.

How To

We ask a lot of questions... questions about everything: how to be happy, understand the Bible, or how to make a difference. What if the answers are closer than we think?

Easter at Biltmore Church 2019

When things seem impossible, desperate, hopeless... It’s easy to think you’re done. They thought Jesus was done too. Our best days can be in front of us. Watch as we celebrate Christ's resurrection.

Be The Movement

Movements…. move. Since its beginning, the church was essentially a movement. It’s a movement that loves patiently, prays expectantly, and worships fervently. In this series, we will go through the book of Acts and explore the local church as a movement.

Reset the Table

If you've ever had a tough family situation, watch this series to see how God can redeem a chaotic, distant or even lonely season. No matter your situation, there's always an opportunity to Reset the Table. 

Christmas 2018

We celebrate the humble birth of our savior this Christmas Season.
"She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." - Matthew 1:21. 

Advent 2018

The Advent season is one of desperation, anticipation, expectation, and preparation. We explore this season, what it means for us and for the people living in the time of Jesus' birth.

One Hero

Many of us learned the Bible stories in Flannelgraph fashion. These stories are layered with elements of heroism, strength, and persistence to create a perfect image. But, they’re actually stories of power struggles, weakness, and turmoil. When we look closely these stories each point to the one true hero we desperately need.

Your Story Matters

We love watching stories. These brief moments allow us to share the experiences of our friends, family, and celebrities. They can make us laugh, cry, and even give us a little hope. Sometimes we can forget that God's still writing our story, and the next chapter could be the most meaningful one yet.

21 Days of Prayer - 2018

To some, 21 days can appear like an insignificant amount of time. But 21 days can make a huge difference. 21 days can change your work, school, and family. 21 days can change your outlook, your marriage, your community. 21 days can change everything.