Current Series


Our community, nation, and world seem more divided than ever.

Each day there are new headlines that show a seemingly ever-expanding gap between us.

Words of hate are spoken. We are divided on politics… Race and income… Education and heritage.

We elevate our personal opinions as fact, and those who disagree must be corrected at all cost. It seems we are being pulled apart faster than we can come together.

We’re divided.

But we were made to live by something greater than our opinions.  God has called a people to help reconcile this divide. A people made up of different colors, backgrounds, walks of life… but are joined together by the message of Jesus. This diverse group of people is called the Church.

Since its inception, the Church was never meant to be a building or an institution, but a worldwide movement... A movement that model’s Christ love through our unity, our words, our service, our families… A movement that doesn’t run away from the chaos, but runs straight toward it… A movement that has the power to bridge differences and divides.

We’re called to join together in His mission. When the Church unites, amazing change can happen. In a time of great division, we can stand United.


In this series we explore what God’s Word says about what a church is supposed to be. There is nothing like the local church when it’s working right – where we can find community, express compassion and engage in mission.


God uses a very normal guy like Peter to show us there is exaltation in humility (weird), that our marriages can be fantastic (weirder), and that we can rejoice in suffering (weirdest)! “Normal” means common, regular, usual. You were not made for normal. 


No one ever plans on getting stuck, but sometimes we find ourselves in a tough spot. God wants us to get beyond it and He offers the help we need at the moment we need it most to move forward.

When Life Doesn't Make Sense

Years ago, a prophet named Habakkuk had major issues with why God allowed certain things to happen and why He wasn’t doing something about them. Maybe you’ve felt the same way. That’s ok!

Cross the Line

One of the greatest experiences is coming to understand that God not only wants to do something for you and in you – but that God wants to do something great through you.

The Other Six Days

God is much bigger than a couple of hours on Sunday. God is intensely interested in your family, your work, your neighborhood, even time management.


We look for happiness in our jobs, relationships, even in our bank accounts - time and time again they disappoint. They offer empty promises that don’t satisfy. 

In this series we’ll learn how to replace these empty promises with promises that bring hope, purpose and ultimately the better life we are all looking for.