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21 Days of Prayer

To some, 21 days can appear like an insignificant amount of time…  But 21 days can make a huge difference. 21 days can change your work. 21 days can change your school. 21 days can change your family. 21 days can change your outlook. 21 days can change your marriage. 21 days can change your community. 21 days can change everything.


Cross the Line

One of the greatest experiences is coming to understand that God not only wants to do something for you and in you – but that God wants to do something great through you.

The Other Six Days

God is much bigger than a couple of hours on Sunday. God is intensely interested in your family, your work, your neighborhood, even time management.


We look for happiness in our jobs, relationships, even in our bank accounts - time and time again they disappoint. They offer empty promises that don’t satisfy. 

In this series we’ll learn how to replace these empty promises with promises that bring hope, purpose and ultimately the better life we are all looking for.