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Our community, nation, and world seem more divided than ever.

Each day there are new headlines that show a seemingly ever-expanding gap between us.

Words of hate are spoken. We are divided on politics… Race and income… Education and heritage.

We elevate our personal opinions as fact, and those who disagree must be corrected at all cost. It seems we are being pulled apart faster than we can come together.

We’re divided.

But we were made to live by something greater than our opinions.  God has called a people to help reconcile this divide. A people made up of different colors, backgrounds, walks of life… but are joined together by the message of Jesus. This diverse group of people is called the Church.

Since its inception, the Church was never meant to be a building or an institution, but a worldwide movement... A movement that model’s Christ love through our unity, our words, our service, our families… A movement that doesn’t run away from the chaos, but runs straight toward it… A movement that has the power to bridge differences and divides.

We’re called to join together in His mission. When the Church unites, amazing change can happen. In a time of great division, we can stand United.

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