At Biltmore Church we strive to encourage and provide resources for our men to become confinement men of God. We provide opportunities such as David’s Men and men connect groups that meet every week.

We want to encourage you and provide resources to become a confident man of God.


Connect Groups give you a chance to experience real community and spiritual growth with people in your same stage of life. Whether you’d rather meet on a Sunday morning or in a home during the week, there is a group for you!


D-Groups at Biltmore Church 

What: A gender-specific closed group of three to five believers (including the leader) who meet together regularly for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. A person joins a D-Group by invitation only.

Why: Connect Groups are for the broad purposes of community, Bible study, and evangelism. Connect Groups are “open” to anyone, regardless of where they are spiritually. D-Group consists of people (typically from the same Connect Group) who want more resourcing in biblical friendships. This does include both male D-groups and female D-groups.

When: D-groups will launch in the Fall although they can start at any time of the year. Groups should meet for 12-18 months. Some members will desire to leave the group and begin their own (again connected to a CG). Others will want to remain in the comfort zone of the existing group. Remember, the goal is for members to replicate their lives into someone else.

How: The format of a D-group is not one of teacher-student, but of a roundtable discussion. It has been said ‘A teacher shares information, while a discipler share life’. More details will be forthcoming, but expectations of a D-group are: regularly meeting together for encouragement, Scripture discussion, total confidentiality, active (with a spouse) in Connect Group (or Home Connect Group) and church.

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David’s Men is made up of discipleship groups designed to deepen men’s walk with Jesus Christ and develop the next generation of leaders. It is not simply a Bible study or a fellowship group it is a process that will challenge and stretch each man in the areas of prayer, worship, praise, leadership, communication, family and intimacy with God.

If you are interested in joining David's Men Contact Us and we will get you the details of the next group starting up.

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