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    Jesus on Fear

    05.12.20 | Discipleship | by Tyler Frank

    As followers of Jesus, none of us are immune to suffering. Nobody can avoid difficulties or trials in this life. Jesus’ teachings, however, repeatedly remind us not to be afraid. But what is his rationale? How can he tell us not to fear?

      COVID-19: Jesus and Suffering

      05.05.20 | Discipleship | by Matt Herrington

      Over the past two months, we've witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic affect our community, our country, and our world. It's human nature to try and find the purpose behind the difficulty we experience, but what do we do when the problem hasn't...

        COVID-19: Pursuing Community

        03.30.20 | Discipleship | by Tyler Frank

        Whether you're thriving (introverts, unite!) or merely surviving during this social distancing season, these last few weeks have been a time of uncertainty and anxiety for many of us. No matter if you're stuck at home, still working in your...