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COVID-19: How to Create Daily Rhythms for Your Kids

03.19.20 | Family | by Gini Taylor

COVID-19: How to Create Daily Rhythms for Your Kids

    With our kids out of school for the foreseeable future, our homes can become pretty chaotic environments. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here is a sample schedule you can use to create daily rhythms for your kids while they are stuck at home for a few weeks.

    School is out and home is in! What a great opportunity to take advantage of time with your kids. Okay, it may seem like a daunting task to figure out creative ways to fill your entire day, but we are here for you! We have created a daily guide to help you be intentional (and productive) during your time at home. 

    8 AM - Rise and Shine

    Read your Bible, have breakfast, and get ready for the day! 

    9 AM - Learning Time

    Complete a portion of your schoolwork for the day sent by your teacher.

    10 AM - Be Creative

    Do an art project or craft activity with materials you have at home.

    11 AM - Get Outside

    Go on a nature walk, play ball, or ride your bike!

    12 PM - Lunch

    Have a picnic. Put electronics away and connect as you enjoy lunch together. Have everyone share a funny joke or story.

    1 PM - Quiet Time

    Spend time reading, doing a quiet activity, having managed screen time,  or take a nap!

    2 PM - Learning Time…Again

    Spend time on your schoolwork and complete your assignments for the day. 

    3 PM - Get Moving

    Go outside and play or do an online exercise class; you can even have a dance party! Helping with chores around the house is another great way to get moving.

    4 PM - Reach Out

    Find ways to love your neighborhood and community. Call friends, make/mail cards, pray for friends and family.

    5 PM - Fun Time

    Free play! Do something of your choice.

    6 PM - Dinner

    Have a meal together. Talk about the highs and lows of the day.

    7 PM - Family Activity

    Play a game or watch a movie together (anything that creates quality time).

    8 PM - Bedtime

    Read a family devotion or story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Get ready for bed, listen to a worship song, and pray together.