We Pray With Expectation

April 07, 2019 | Pastor Bruce Frank | Acts 4:23-31

Series: Be The Movement

Movements…. move.

They are not stagnant, meek, or passive. They have the capacity to impact lives and change history. Since its beginning, the church was essentially a movement. It’s a movement built around the conviction that Jesus died as the substitute for sinners and then rose from the grave – proving He was who He said He was. It’s a movement that began over two thousand years ago and is still advancing today. It’s a movement that believes God has spoken and willingly embraces the mission. The movement is people of different ages, colors, and backgrounds, united around a gospel message so powerful, it has to be shared. It’s a movement that loves patiently, prays expectantly, and worships fervently. It’s a movement that works hard. That serves joyfully. It reaches out to our communities and those in need.

Movements move. Be the movement.

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