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    Worship... For Kids!!

    11.15.17 | Worship | by Rexella Hall

    Nothing is sweeter than kid’s worship! I see kids worshipping in so many different ways.  They jump around, shout with joy, clap their hands, dancing and lifting their hands to Christ our Father. Each Sunday morning we teach our...

      3 Postures in Marriage

      11.15.17 | Relationships | by Jeremy Woods

      One of my favorite opportunities in ministry is when I get to officiate a wedding. And while there are many exciting elements that go into a wedding day, nothing can upstage the moment when the bride and groom are face to face. That’s...

        Kids need to hear the Gospel too!

        11.15.17 | Discipleship | by Gini Taylor

        Often I hear people refer to preschool ministry as “nursery” or “child care.” While, yes, we do take care of the children’s physical needs, it is much more than that. The preschool ministry is just as it says...

          How to Lead as a Step-Dad

          11.15.17 | Family

          If you are in the role of stepdad, you have a unique calling and responsibility. Whether you are with your stepchildren full-time or two weekends per month, God still wants you to be a man who loves Jesus and models biblical discipleship. As a...

            Breaking the Chain of Broken Families

            11.01.17 | Family | by Seth Brown

            “I do not want to end up like my parents.” This is the common sentiment of people who come from broken homes. And when I say broken homes, I mean coming from a family where the parents are currently separated or divorced. While I...