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COVID-19: How to Invite Friends to Online Worship

04.25.20 | Discipleship | by Patrick Trawick

COVID-19: How to Invite Friends to Online Worship

    As we continue to gather for church online in thousands of locations during this pandemic, we are faced with a unique opportunity. Truthfully, it’s never been easier to invite friends to join you for church. As we’ve said many times during this season, the gospel can’t be quarantined, and movements can’t be stopped.

    Now more than ever, people are looking for hope anywhere they can find it. As Christ-followers, we can provide them with an opportunity to experience the true hope that comes through Jesus. Sometimes it just takes a simple invitation. With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you invite someone you know to join us for church online. 

    Make Contact

    It’s hard to beat a personal invitation directly from you. Reach out via phone or text to some people you know and ask them if they would like to watch a service with you. If the answer is yes, ask what time they would like to watch. We’re currently broadcasting services on our website, on Facebook, and on Youtube at 9:15 AM, 11 AM, and 5 PM. 

    Not sure what to say? Just be honest. You can say, “Hey, I know times have been tough lately, so would you want to watch one of our online services with me? I've found them really encouraging."

    Once you’ve picked a time, make sure they have the links to watch. Make it easy for them. You can copy and paste one of these links to share with them:

    Utilize Social Media - Like, Comment, and Share

    As you see information about our services on social media in the weeks ahead, you can help play a huge part in spreading the word even further! When you engage on social media, it really helps get the word out. So, when you see a post about online worship, be sure to: like, comment, and share it.

    Follow Up

    In a time of social distancing, it’s perhaps more important than ever to remain connected to people in other ways. For many of us, Zoom has temporarily replaced meetings and Connect Group gatherings. I’ve spent more time than ever on the phone calling and texting people to check on them. So, make sure you follow-up with the people you invite to watch online services with you. Reach out to them the same way you invited them to watch. Here are some questions you could ask: What did you think of the service? Which song was your favorite? What part of the sermon inspired you the most? You could even ask them some of the questions we ask in Connect Groups: Did you learn anything new about God? Did you learn anything new about yourself? Was there a promise you held on to during this crazy season of life? Perhaps the most important question you could ask is this: When we start meeting together again as a church, would you come with me?

    We believe God has big things in store in the weeks ahead! We want you to be part of the movement! So, go ahead, right now, reach out to that person you know and invite them to join you. Leverage your social media accounts for the kingdom! And who knows, when you follow-up with the people you ask, maybe this will be the time you lead someone to Christ for the very first time!